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Buckle up next to XLTV hosts, extreme athletes, and camera crew; Ivan van Vuuren, Nathan van Vuuren, and Genevieve Leigh. In each episode, Ivan and the family team travel the world and take viewers into the action sports scene for the trip of a lifetime.

With head offices in Hawaii & South Africa and the world as a studio, Ivan and his family have become household names as together, with top cinematographers, they travel the world in search of the ultimate action sports.

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Xtreme Life Television

Putting you in the Pilot's Seat

What is XLTV?

Ready to strap in alongside the world’s top Extreme Sports athletes? Xtreme Life, now in its 16th year with over 107 episodes, is an Award- Winning TV show that literally puts the viewer deep in the action. High-end production using helicopters, jet-skis, and special camera mounts allow for a virtual reality viewing experience like no other. This combined with faith-based messages in each episode makes for an epic watch. 

"If You Don't Go, You'll Never Know"

XLTV Content

Come face to face with personalities living on the edge. Go behind the scenes with top bands and witness exotic travel, weekly trick-tips and insane sporting wipeouts

Featured In...

XLTV footage has featured on top networks such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Trinity Broadcast Network, and Juice TV.

Join our Xtreme Life crew as they take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Each episode will have you on the edge of your seat. Sports with a Message – each episode delivers powerful, relevant, and positive faith-based messages challenging today’s generation to live a life with meaning and purpose…